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Study now - pay later.
We provide a flexible way to finance your higher education. With our education fund, you can finance your tuition at Jacobs University with ease and carefree. The education fund supports your Bachelor or Master degree.

education fund

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Count on the advantages of the education fund to get going. You can rely on the advantages of funding independent of your parents' financial means during and after your degree program. You are free to plan your life and career as you choose. As partners, Brain Capital and Jacobs University will be by your side.

education fund


We can finance many different Bachelor and Master programs at Jacobs University. The relevant conditions and additional information about your program can be found here.

This is how financing with JUStudyAtEase works


JUStudyAtEase enables you to follow through on your dream to study at a well-known university.
Our funding offer is independent of scholarships, stipends, and grants.

Internationalization is the hallmark of Jacobs University in Bremen. Approximately 1,500 students, including representatives of more than 110 countries, make up the student body and benefit from courses for Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. degrees in areas of Mobility, Health, and Diversity taught strictly in English.

Since 2018, Brain Capital and Jacobs University have provided the JUStudyAtEase program which allows all admitted Bachelor and Master students to defer some of their tuition payments to an income-dependent repayment (income-share agreement).

Thus, tuition payments are taken care of and student can study at ease.

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