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Constructor University's Student Financial Services Team will be happy to answer any of your questions. Alternatively, reach out to our team at Brain Capital for more information:, phone +49 261 450 934 93.

All admitted Bachelor or Master students can receive funding through Brain Capital. Your individual offer is listed under Tuition Deferral Program in your financing offer. Smaller amounts than the one listed can be financed as well.

Your admission to Constructor University is sufficient for the Tuition Deferral Program offer. Brain Capital will facilitate the Tuition Deferral Program contract. Occasionally additional materials will be requested at that point (e.g. your passport, high school transcripts or similar documents).

No, the Tuition Deferral Program offer is completely independent of your financial background.

No, financial securities or guarantees are not required - your admission to Constructor University is sufficient.

Ideally, you'll discuss your participation in Tuition Deferral Program immediately after receiving the offer. However, there's no fixed deadline. You can contact us at any time to discuss your financing options.

A lot can be handled over the phone or through email. However, eventually we'll need a physical contract with handwritten signatures from both parties.

The Tuition Deferral Program provides financing for tuition only. It'll be paid directly to Constructor University. On a case-by-case basis we can fund living expenses for some students. If you're interested in the financing of living expenses, send a quick email to: We will let you know if we can fund your expenses.

No, we can only pay tuition.

No, you are free to live wherever you choose.

No, that is not an option. Since you are not trying to repay a fixed amount, there is no advantage of repaying more each year.

Yes. Students who are already enrolled can also apply for participation in the Tuition Deferral Program funding. Please contact Student Financial Services on campus in that case.

Yes, the Tuition Deferral Program amount given in your financing package can be reduced. The percentage of your income for repayment will be reduced proportionally.

The repayment begins after graduation and when you earn above the annual minimum income. Whenever the income is below this minimum, no payment has to be made for that year. This rule applies throughout the lifetime of the contract.

Typically, you pay back for 10 repayment years. If your income falls below the minimum income, your repayment is postponed. After 20 calendar years, you have fulfilled your contract, regardless of whether you've reached 10 payment years.

We use the sum of your positive income as stated in your tax assessment to determine how much you have to repay for the year.

There are annual and overall caps in place to make sure you do not overpay us if you have a very high income. The highest amount you can repay overall is twice the funding amount plus German inflation.

Whenever your annual income is below the minimum income, you do not have to repay anything during that year. We do not have a requirement that you work at any time and your reason for having a low income has no impact on the repayment.

We allow for a one-time lumpsum payment after graduation to end the contract early. However, we do not have standard conditions, but the terms will be discussed on an individual basis after graduation. Since this is not a feature of the income share agreement, repayments of twice the funding amount plus inflation should be assumed.

There is no requirement that you earn in EURO. All relevant amounts will be converted using either the yearly average of the currency conversion or the day of the invoice – that is your decision.

You are required to keep us updated on your personal information (e.g. change of address, phone number), submit your tax return documents on time, and make the required payments. No other obligations exist.

If you drop out of university, the amount received will be converted into a traditional loan (possibly with interest) that you will need to repay.

No, career coaching is a free offer for Tuition Deferral Program participants. Participation is voluntary and free of charge. If you want more information, contact us.

The contract is linked to you, and only you are responsible to make the repayments. If you die, the contract will end; no one in your family has to take over the payments.

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